Backup and Disaster Recovery

What if your office or databases were hit by a fire, flooding, earthquake, or hurricane? Is it possible to recover your valuable data, in the event of a theft? Is it possible for your company to survive? The most significant danger to your company is data loss. Even if it is lost data or a crashing server, or the entire office is unavailable due to storms, fire, or burglary, you will be back up and running in minutes. With our Enterprise-Class data security at a reasonable price and no upfront expense, you can rest easy.

A robust backup and restore solution are needed for all disaster response strategies. Most savvy IT companies use both file-based and snapshot backups because they both offer full functionality. Magic IT Solutions backup solutions cover various systems, software, and storage systems in physical and digital environments, including data centers, field sites, and the cloud.

  • Installation, management, and maintenance are easy, resulting in a lower overall cost of ownership.
  • Data protection is ensured by built-in encryption, which is FIPS approved.
  • Centralized, enterprise-wide management.
  • We provide backup for your OneDrive, Calendar, Mail, Contacts and SharePoint data that goes beyond Microsoft 365’s native restoration inclinations and preservation period.
  • We offer the same services for Google Workspace, including Gmail, Calendar, Contacts Sync, and Drives.
  • Once a day, automated backups that record point-in-time snapshots of the user’s associated app data are performed, with the ability to conduct further updates at any point.

Implement a crisis management plan in your data center and the cloud as soon as possible. Utilize snapshot copies and transfer them to a different facility or the cloud platform. In just a few clicks, you can build automated backup machines on-premises and in your Microsoft Azure account. Continuous updates are performed to a virtual machine that can be accessed automatically if the central server fails. This ensures a fast device and data recovery.

  • After a malfunction or a data center shutdown, you will recover almost instantly.
  • Reduce IT costs and achieve versatility by using the cloud for disaster management.
  • You can replicate backups on-premises, off-site, and through several clouds for consistency.