Data Security

Data security is vital for your business to remain competitive. It is based on the confidence of customers and vendors. No one is safe from sophisticated hackers who find out how to access, manipulate, and benefit from stolen information. Agreements, unstructured information on file shares, structured data in databases, and confidential documents all require a significant degree of security. Permissions control is one of the most powerful security features available.

Our business, which specializes in the most valuable advances in data security, has found many companies have an inadequate understanding of what data exists and who has the right to access it. Too often, there are not enough protections in place to prevent unauthorized access, manipulation, misconduct, or deletion. That is where we come in handy. Our firm has the experience and technology to alleviate and monitor concerns about unnecessary permissions and legacy records.

Magic IT Solutions creates cost-effective, robust data security solutions for organizations of all sizes and in any industry. Our in-house data security experts secure your data, ensure you meet security requirements, and give you peace of mind that your company is safe.

Cybersecurity Risk Assessment: A cybersecurity risk analysis gives the company a comprehensive look at its existing security strategy. We identify all your resources that could be harmed by an attack, help you know the implications associated with each feature, and then create a personalized road map with short-and long-term benchmarks.

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA): Passwords are no longer sufficient to shield your business from cyber threats and security breaches. MFA protects your internet data by limiting access to your business software and systems to only those that have been checked.

Our protection solution includes the following components:

  • Firewall
  • Intrusion Detection and Prevention Framework
  • Anti-virus applications.
  • URL Filtering.
  • Bandwidth Maintenance.